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Hello all,

I am new to bikepacking. I’ve been backpacking and camping in Colorado since the age of 5, and I am 29 now. I have also been mountain biking since around 15 years old. I don’t know why just recently I decided to merge two of my favorite things to do in this world. I’ve been researching different options for bikepacking and going with a very minimalist route seems to be the way to go. I am having some custom bags made for my Trek by a very nice man who hails from Anchorage, named Eric Parsons of Epic Designs. For the time being though I am utilizing my book rack as a substitute to store my sleeping bag, some food and such. I have had bikepacking on the brain all winter and I had to get out there and try some of the new gear I recently purchased and did so yesterday. I left the waterton canyon trailhead located in sw denver at around two and It was up wards of 72 degrees. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Although I found out really fast why you don’t want to have a whole lot weighing down the back of the mtb. I had to really pick up my riding a notch with such a heavy load on my back and with my rack. It took some serious getting used to and is something I will remedy on my next overnight trip on the CT. However, while the grueling upward slopes were tougher than usual, flying down the trail after reaching the top made it all worth while, as it so often does. I also came across quite a few icy patches/sections and had to hike the bike. around 12 miles in to the 16 1/2 mile section, I don’t know about anyone else but I think it’s safe to call in impassible. I hiked the bike for a half mile or so once it started looking too icy and wet to continue. In the back of my mind I hoped that by some kind of miracle I might pop out of the ravine i was in out into the sun’s shining rays and nice dry trails like earlier. To my discontent it didn’t happen and I was forced to turn around and make camp at around mile 9 or 10. I wouldn’t recommend any one try to bike the whole first section just yet. Within a month it will be rideable. The great part though is that everything up until I hit the ice staircases was phenomenal riding and well worth doing. In fact I am going to lighten my load a bit and do it again very soon as long as this beautiful weather holds up for a while.



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koApril 30th, 2009 at 11:30 pm

Hey Clint, I think I met you once back in March or Feb, can’t quite remember. You were camping at the start of the singletrack and I had the green Voodoo and we chatted for a bit. I think you were heading off to the navy in the summer. Anyways, good luck on your trip of the CT. I’ll be doing mine this summer too with a buddy. Just counting the days until.

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