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ScottM (102)

Scott Morris started in 2008. Riding bikes since age 14, bikepacking on singletrack since 2004. He also is the primary programmer behind and

fritz (4)

Riding? Ride on! Montrose, CO

freeskier46 (3)

Sonoran desert XC mountain biker. I have one bike in my stable, a 29er HT: Voodoo Dambala.

novarider (3)

Lifelong resident of the Northern Virginia area. Been bikepacking for the past two years and plan to make a run for the TD trail June '14. Extensive knowledge of the C&O canal area a little bit of the GAP trails. Happy to help a fellow traveler whenever in need!

egear (2)

Lets see at 51 years old I have spent the better part of my life in the woods. Climbing, hiking and now bikepacking. I guess we were bike packing 30 years ago when we used to ride our beater road bikes down back woods trails to overnight camp and fish. Only had a backpack then and lots of repair parts. I now have a Salsa Fargo for these duties and it's a great bike. Reliable and can handle any trail I throw at it. These days with 3 kids, one in her 1st year of college I find riding to be the only way to get away from my day to day life. Using the bike as my mule rather then me is just great.

shelbystop (2)

I am a dedicated bicycle rider and packer.I enjoy multi-day trips with friends and family.

funkystumpmonkey (2)

I am 29 and a senior at the metropolitan st. college of denver. I took a few years off but decided to finish after all the time an effort i already put in. Live in Denver and i love to mountain bike, backpack, fish, hike, road biking, and music and motorcycles. Most recently though I am fascinated with the Colorado Trail, as I live 13 miles from the waterton canyon trailhead and the beginning of the 535 mile trail. I Just recently rode a little bit of the first segment just to whet my appetite. However, it is still way too early in the year and the trail is too icy to go very far on. I am very pumped that I found this website and it's nice to hear about everyone's voyages/journey's/rides. thanks Clint.

Blammo (2)


Their Only Portrait (2)

I'm a photographer soon to be cycling South America making (& printing) Family Portraits for those you've NONE!

bikerats (1)

mountain bike rider in Brisbane , Australia

Great Basin NV (1)

Resident of Reno, NV. Founder of Cross Nevada Mountain Bike Ride. 527 mile charity mountain bike ride from Great Basin National Park to Reno, NV.

EnlightenedEquipment (1)

Enlightened Equipment makes ultralight outdoor gear by hand in Winona, Minnesota.

Ohio Robb (1)

Climber, Rider, Adventurer. Each year I take on a new, more challenging discipline. I've been racing for 3 years, and have moved from the short XC circuit, to some 12/24's the following year, plunged head first into 5 NUE races singlespeed, and now looking to do longer self supported races. A perfect (three way) marriage of my mountain experience, love of life on two wheels, and desire to test the boundaries of mental and physical commitment.

ErikMM (1)

trail user, builder, and so much more

MartijnS (1)

Living in Thailand for many years, enjoy riding (long distance) road and mountain bikes.

cycleofaddiction (1)

cycling nut,like to ride road,cross & mtb but love bikepacking

wpeterg (1)

Mid-pack endurance athlete. Biking and XC Skiing.

bpidduck (1)

Science teacher and Director of Outdoor and Camping Programs at The Thacher School in Ojai, California.

numplumz (1)

Edge of Flatlands - Kettering UK

Jayme Kohler (1)

Born in the year of the Dragon, the author grudgingly accepts the fact he has too many interests and not enough time. A cyclist as long as he can remember, an avid yet inconsistent writer since age eleven, and a U.S. Marine since age twenty-one, the author also adds web design, snowboarding, and motorcycles to his list of interests. Incidentally, he is aware of his inability to make a living from any but the Corps. The author accepts this as fact and remains optimistic. Feel free to drop him a line.

Efi Fallah (1)


Andy Amick (1)

Avid cyclist for almost 20 years. In the last 2 years, I have really gotten into bikepacking, especially the MYOG aspect.


JET Roll was created by a cyclist who wanted to carry just the essential items to fix a flat or make a quick adjustment while out on the road or trail. JET Roll was designed to be a convenient and stylish way to carry a spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, and a small multi-tool. Everything inside is wrapped nice and tight and held in place with a classic leather ( or nylon ) toe strap so the contents won't rattle around. The idea was to create a modern version of the classic cyclist's tool roll, make it just the right size, and have it be securely fastened to the saddle rails without the risk of it slipping out through the strap. Simple, functional, durable, and stylish. JET Roll, a modern cycling classic. EVERY JET ROLL PRODUCT IS MADE BY HAND IN THE USA ! FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: JET-ROLL@OUTLOOK.COM (1)

I love to ride bikes in the forest.

Damo@Cog (1)

Based in Melbourne Australia, but ride bikes anywhere and everywhere, singlespeed, steel, downhill, bikepacking, big wheel advocate, competition, transport, recreation, rollin', innovating, trailers, music, good times, good food, live music, vinyl time, form and function...

richdirector (1)

mid forties dad who loves bikes and kitesurfing (and running to a lesser extent)

LyndaW (1)

Mountain bike coach.

fattirefreak (1)

I'm a MN native, transplanted my small family in CO in 2001. Since then I've taken my ideas of mt. biking to a new level, climbing peaks like others hike them. I work to be able to play in my backyard (the CO Rockies). It's my passion to ride to the clouds as many times as possible in a season, and pretty soon it will be by fatbike. As each year gets busier and more challenging, I hope to continue to make day and multi-day trips to the highlands, even with all the changes that my beloved/growing family can impose.

willnesse (1)

A log of my adventures can be found here and