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What’s bikepacking?

The short answer: it’s backpacking with a bike.

Longer answer: any ride that includes an overnight stay. This could be anything from ultralight singletrack tours to fully loaded dirt road touring (e.g. on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route).

bikepacking.net focuses on off-road touring, away from cars and especially on singletrack touring. But the concepts and gear transfer equally well to all types of rides that stretch overnight.

Since 2008 our aim has to distill the collective knowledge about routes, gear and planning. We have a strong community of bikepackers, and are excited to promote this new and very exciting way to travel.

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Bikepacking.net was created in 2008 and is maintained by Scott Morris of topofusion.com, with input and consideration from many others in the bikepacking community. Big thanks to everyone that has contributed to the site (too numerous to list here)!!

General inquiry or problems with the site: smorris@bikepacking.net

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[…] ONE GREAT WORD We’re not sure of the genesis of the term “bikepacking,” but we at Adventure Cycling have been using it off and on since the beginning days of Bikecentennial–including utilizing it extensively to describe the riding on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. We know it goes back to at least May 1973, when Bikecentennial co-founder Dan Burden’s article titled “Bikepacking Across Alaska and Canada” appeared in National Geographic. Then there was a book published in the early 1980s titled “Backcountry Bikepacking,” by William Sanders. Anyway, it seems that only recently is the term coming into more general use in the lexicon of cycling. A Google search turned up approximately 7,200 (Now 7600) results for “bikepacking” (compared to nearly thirteen million for “mountain biking”), including this interesting one–to which we admit being partial, since it refers to the Great Divide as “the definitive route for dirt road bikepacking”: http://www.bikepacking.net/about […]

[…] your survival gear getting from point A to point B- on remote, off-road trails. It’s called Bike Packing: extended off-road travel by bike; like hiking, but faster and more fun.  Exactly what I did in […]

[…] like to try epics, point to point races, 100km, 100 milers, etc.  I would also like to plan some bikepacking trips with some guys who are crazy enough to join me on some self sufficient adventures, both in […]

[…] has another simple description and a ton of other information on […]

Bikepacking – A New Bike Camping Adventure?September 12th, 2011 at 7:08 am

[…] think they used to call it “cycle touring“. According to bikepacking.net, the short answer is that it’s “backpacking with a […]

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