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Bikepacking the Katy Trail in Missouri

I bikepacked the Katy Trail in Missouri in September 2019. The Katy Trail (for the most part) travels along the ...


Bike Packing in the Summer of 1966

This is a story about an adventure my brother John and I had over 52 years ago in 1966. We ...


The Crew

Touring to North Stradbroke Island

Touring to North Stradbroke Island Posted by TallManCycles We live in a country that seldom has to feel the real distance ...


The Arizona Trail via MTB

I recently completed a milestone on the Arizona Trail, essentially riding all the bike legal portions of the trail ...


What’s bikepacking?

The short answer: it’s backpacking with a bike.

Longer answer: any ride that includes an overnight stay. This could be anything from ultralight singletrack tours to fully loaded dirt road touring (e.g. on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route). bikepacking.net focuses on off-road touring, away from cars, and especially on singletrack touring. But the concepts and gear transfer equally well to all types of rides that stretch overnight.

Since 2008 our aim has been to distill the collective knowledge about routes, gear and planning. We have a strong community of bikepackers, and are excited to promote this new and very exciting way to travel.

Inside you will find:

  • Forums – Join the bikepacking community!
  • Routes – Up to date info on routes for offroad touring, including GPS data
  • Gear Reviews – What works and what doesn’t.
  • Personal Setups – Complete gear lists and carrying systems. Get ideas from other bikepackers.
  • Trip Reports – Whether you’re looking for inspiration or detailed route info.
  • Become a contributor – add your trip reports, personal setup or products for review.

The sun goes down, but the ride goes on.

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