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The Arrow, a roughly 500 mile Route from Telluride Colorado to Boulder Utah is near completion after five years of research and riding. Combined with the San Juan Hut Systems’ Telluride to Moab route this ride provides a six day break in period. At Moab the route comes into its own as one enters Lockhart basin which is adjacent to the White Rim and very remote. From Lockhart the route continues over the Abajos, down along Woodenshoe and Dark canyons to Hite. By the fall of 2009 the final legs from Hite over the Henry Mountains to Boulder or Torrey will have been completed.

Route Genesis

My three hardcore bike riding children are co-creators of this route which we have ridden self supported with a combination of a mountain tandem and various 20″ to 26″ mountain bikes. Once completed I and several friends will ride it point to point with a GPS. Look in the future to see the guide book and/or map of the “Arrow”. This route is extremely remote, after Moab there is no reliable potable water, and therefore it must be carried or cached before the ride, nor are there any towns or cell reception. Due to the crossing of three mountain ranges and the summer time temps. of the desert this route is only passable in the fall and maybe in the spring after a dry snow year. This route is being created in the hopes there will be more independently created routes with their own names and legend.

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deanFebruary 13th, 2009 at 7:01 am

Sounds sweet. Ive done the boulder to moab section close to the same route. But isnt Woodenshoe and Dark Canyon in wilderness? Make sure to stop by the needle outpost while on the route between lockhart and needle. Cool people, good food, cheap suppies.

Also this place is along lockhart road about 20 miles outa moab. He loves to help travelers out and leaves water and a fuel stash on his front porch for people. Great place to get water.

DaveCMarch 3rd, 2009 at 9:24 am

Nice one Will. The kids will thank you for it years from now!

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