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The dual-duty Windpipe Shock fills big tires fast and doubles as a high-pressure precision shock pump.

Thread-on Schrader head with Presta adapter
From fast inflation mode to high-pressure mode (up to 220psi) in one twist
Swivel hose for easy access to tires or shocks
Durable aluminum barrel
Glueless patches included in handle
Includes mounting bracket

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Comments (2)

el capDecember 3rd, 2009 at 2:31 pm

Nice pump, Rob.

khorniteJanuary 29th, 2012 at 6:55 am

The picture appears to be of the Airtool Shock, not the older Windpipe Shock. The latter had a nicer (IMHO) contoured plastic handle, which could unfold into T-shape. I used to have one (again, the Windpipe Shock). Nice one. I liked the low air loss when unthreading the hose from the valve. Pumping was somewhat bust-your-hands-and-ass-off like, but that was with a city bike (and I was younger and weaker I guess). And a nice ROUND gauge is also a plus to me (((-: Not to mention the hose saving you from ripping those vaves out and tangling your fingers through the spokes trying to get a grip. As well as a pressure release button (in case you somehow manage to overfill your tires).
A pity those are not available anymore )-:
If anybody finds one, let me know (((-: (surely, that is, if the site owner does not object)

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