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The Revelation quilt, by Enlightened Equipment, is an ultralight quilt designed for versatility and comfort. It sheds the full-length zipper of a traditional sleeping bags and instead is designed to be used open-back (with a sleeping pad for ground sleepers, or an underquilt for hammock sleepers). It also utilizes a partially-zippered footbox, which allows it to be closed tight or opened flat like a blanket, making it simple to vent excess heat during warmer nights. It is available in 4 lengths for users up to 6’8″ tall, and 4 widths, and temperature ratings from 50°F down to 0°F. It is filled standard with 750fp Duck Down, upgradeable to 800fp Goose Down. A Pro model is also available with 850fp water resistant down standard, upgradeable to 900fp water resistant down.  All Enlightened Equipment quilts are made by hand in idyllic Winona, Minnesota, in the United States.



Back view



Footbox Partially opened


Revelation fully opened

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GattoneroAugust 10th, 2015 at 3:07 pm

Best thing since sliced bread.
Whoever thought about making a quilt that becomes a half-tube is a genius. Maximum warmth and maximum freedom of movement!
Not to mention that the quilt is great when staying outdoors, like reading a book, watching birds, etc., situations where you just can’t use your regular sleeping bag to keep you warm.

I have a -7ºC (20ºF) version in Reg. size. It packs down very small and weights about 560gr, but most important: it keeps you warm! It’s so light and thin that you’d think it won’t do much, but it’s very warm.
Pair it with a good sleeping pad, like the NeoAir Xlite, and you have a <900gr combo that will make you sleep comfy & toastie in -5ºC

The construction and materials are top-notch, the stuff sack and the storage sack are very well made too. You can see there's a lot of thinking and a great experience behind this product.

Drawbacks? You may not want to wait 5 weeks for having your custom one, but is well worth, and the price is very competitive.

Highly recommended.

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