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A cycling backpack built to take the punishment of a TransAlp race or your day to day commute. Double the capacity of our BD2, the FlinkĀ® Link ball joint equipped BC3 features a lightweight frame and allows for natural freedom of movement for the upper body yet still provides optimal load distribution. The BC3 utilizes a high-tech, heavy-duty water proof material (water proofed on both sides), with water resistant zippers, a helmet holder, internal compartments to keep you organized and a sleeve for a hydration bladder. The BC3 can carry your gear on an overnight mountain bike trip or your office clothes and laptop on an everyday commute. Gender specific carrying systems available in two sizes.

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Ohio RobbMarch 26th, 2009 at 6:14 am

Ergon’s taken what works, made some important improvements, and added a whole lot more room. The new 25L BC3 has plenty of room for everything, is waterproof, and still fits great. I loaded it up for a 5 hour shakedown ride in PIsgah last weekend and was really happy with the outcome. The two hilites; no sweaty back, and no movement. The “form” of the pack, those plastic hip parts and the ball joint set up on the shoulders, allow the bag, even fully loaded, to sit a little ways off your back. Even in a wool jersey on what became a warm spring day, i didn’t feel sweaty back there. And the support given by the ball joint allows you to snug the pack up pretty well, and have it move with you. It also puts the weight off your back and more cantilevered off your hips. Pisgah, if you haven’t had the pleasure of riding it, is pretty technical, up and down. Descending Black Mountain on a rigid bike is a pretty solid test as to whether or not the pack’s gonna move around. No problems…no up and down, no side to side, it was an after thought at best. I had stuffed it with a sleeping bag, pad, water, tools, shell, shower jacket, knickers, wool base layer, fleece, food for the day and more. it held it all, and the helmet carrier part can be used for a map and banana that you can actually get to while the pack is on…nice improvement over the BD2. If you like a light bike, and wanna try to keep more on your back, this may be the way to go. Highly recommended. I’m 5’10’, 160 lbs and have a small shoulder strap and medium waist harness (and Ergon Men’s S) and have it set up in the shorter of the two torso lengths….may try to adjust the length and see if it hits the hips different on the next ride…nice that they offer these options.

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