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The MSR MIOX™ Purifier makes water microbiologically safe using salt and an electrical current. Click on the link at left to watch how it works.

* Proprietary patented technology creates a small batch of an oxidant solution which is mixed with your water to destroy microorganisms
* MIOX uses a chemical reaction called electrolysis to create a powerful disinfectant that will destroy biological contaminants in your water
* More effective against microorganisms than chlorine or iodine
* Destroys viruses and bacteria in 15 minutes, giardia in 30 minutes and cryptosporidia in 4 hours
* Features a safety indicator so you can be sure your treated water is safe to drink
* Comes with 1 ounce of salt to treat 200+ liters of water; 2 lithium CR123 batteries; 50 test strips; instruction book; reference card; storage bag
* MIOX is compact, rugged and submersible
* Purifies water without iodine; no health risk or unpleasant iodine taste

This purifier works by creating a powerful dose of mixed oxidants (MIOX), which is then added to untreated water, inactivating all viruses, bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium (which even iodine doesn’t kill). And since the MIOX Purifier needs only common camera batteries and salt to operate, it’s maintenance-free, delivering more water, more easily than any purifier ever before.

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