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Here is my rig as set up and ridden in the 2010 Kiwi Brevet. (1100 kms in 5 days for me).

My bike outside the Black Ball Hilton on Kiwi Brevet.

My bike outside the Black Ball Hilton on the Kiwi Brevet.

Its based on my race bike a Santa Cruz Superlight.
Its probably easier to list the changes from the race build to the Brevet build.

I swapped the crank spider out from a compact to an older style so I had 24-34-48 ratios with a 9 speed sram rear. (In hindsight probably overkill). Swapped out the carbon bar for an alloy bar so I could clamp on bar-ends and aero-bars. Swapped rear wheel for a more heavy-weight one.
Added a Freeload bike rack. Everyone else I ended up riding with was also using these. They were part of the initial production run and they were great.

Tires, a captain control on the back and a Raven on the front. I took off any ultra-light bits like alloy crank bolts and I used Time Pedals.

Weight distribution.
Sleeping bag and ayup light batteries stashed in dry bag hanging off front aero bars. (13 litre dry bag).
Tools in a little bag hanging off top-tube.
Camelbak, jacket and food for the road in small back-pack and jersey pockets.
Two waterbottles attached to frame.
All the rest of the gear stashed in dry-bag on rear Freeload Rack. (20 litre dry bag).

What I noticed.
Aero bars were great on some of the road/gravel sections, and a good way to stretch out (yoga -style). With my mutliple hand postions I never suffered ANY soreness or numbness of hands despite losing my gloves on day 2.

More detail.
Nothing can kill you in NZ,  except the environment, and motorists, although the sandflies can be unpleasant, so I took insect repellant. My sunscreen got lost on day 3. No worries, my helmet had a peak and I had made a cotton bandana device to keep sun off my neck. I had some water purification tabs but never had to cause to use them.

Two tire boots, two tubes, patches, multi-tool, tire levers, c02, oil, pump, spare drop-out. Spoke, disc pads, gear cable. Scalpel blade, duct tape.

Camping gear
1 bivy sack (O/R Micronight Bivy). 1 sleeping bag (North Face Propel). 1 inflatable pad (Thermorest Prolite 3 – sm)

Toilet paper. Sanitizer, antibacterial soap, soap washes.

What I wore. Bib shorts, short sleeved top with arm-warmers. Socks.
Spare: Bib shorts, top and socks. Washed shorts each day no matter where I was.
Extra. Poly-pro long sleeved pants, poly-pro long sleeved top. 2XU rain jacket.

Camera Cannon Powershot (small). Sony Ericcson phone 508 and charger (for blogging) . Charger for Ayup lights. Spot-tracker.

More things I noticed
Be careful where you put sharp objects in your dry bag or they might rub through. I put a piece of up sleeping mat on my bike rack to stop it rubbing unduly on the rear dry-bag. It worked well. My BBB chamois cream was rubbish. But I borrowed some Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter  which was amazing. My seat was possibly a bit minimalist : )

I really enjoyed the full suspension but now I have a karate monkey 29er I would be keen to try that.  Not sure if I will take the risk though as comfort is real important to me. The bikes would end up weighing about the same. I dont think weight is as important an issue as many people do to be honest.  To that end I would feel happier with mechanical discs over hydraulic.

About to get very gnarly in the Waiuta. Kiwi Brevet 2010

About to get very gnarly in the Waiuta. Kiwi Brevet 2010

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ollie.olssonJanuary 30th, 2012 at 11:55 am

How are you getting on with the Freeload? Looks like a good rig!


Jeff LyallJanuary 30th, 2012 at 2:21 pm

The Freeloads are great. This years Kiwi Brevet starts in 4 days, I have been doing profiles on the riders/bikes. More than half of them are using at least 1 Freeload Rack or more.

ollie.olssonJanuary 30th, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Nice! Gives me some ideas of what to bring and what not to bring!

How are the Ay-Ups? People keep on saying that the beam pattern isn’t wide enough, do you have that same feeling/problem?

JeffJanuary 30th, 2012 at 10:53 pm

I would have thought they are overkill for bike packing. I think they are the best overall package out there, all things considered. Very very light and incredibley robust.

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Jeff LyallFebruary 10th, 2013 at 7:19 pm

I think that previous comment may have been spam. NZ’s biggest ISP got hit with a virus during the weekend and all hell is breaking loose. A bit scary how it works.

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