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This is my ultralight cooking setup. Stove is a mini sideburner chimney design from I’ve built quite a few of these designs. I found the Snowpeak Ti cookpot on the JMT, next to a full roll of TP (not sure which they missed more!). Everything fits inside the pot, with a paper towel for cushioning and cleanup. Fuel bottle holds enough to boil three 2.5 cup pots, good for an overnighter. The stove heats fast! It pours out the heat, and doesn’t require a pot stand. It took a couple of tries to get the burner holes the right size. Preheat pan and windscreen are required, and get the stove roaring quick.
It’s very light and compact. Wind can be a problem, though. And if you step on the stove, forget it.
I used to use Heet in the yellow bottle, for drying auto fuel, but it’s toxic, so now I use denatured alcohol from the hardware store. Everclear works too, but it’s expensive (and versatile!).

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