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Trans Sardinia from 27th September until 3rd October.

4 guys from Belgium.

A photo report.

P1010680P1010847 P1010845 P1010711 P1010802 IMG_7018 IMG_7016 IMG_7014 IMG_7008 IMG_7005 P1010775 P1010774 P1010765 IMG_7002 IMG_6998 IMG_6995 IMG_6988 IMG_6979 IMG_3843 IMG_3820 IMG_3766 IMG_3644 P1010733 P1010720 IMG_6962 IMG_6941 IMG_6940 IMG_6914 IMG_6906 IMG_6884 IMG_6840 IMG_6855 IMG_6865 P1010665 IMG_6877 IMG_6832

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fredOctober 10th, 2014 at 12:01 pm

Hi there,

I have been wanting to do this route for a long time. Did you use the kml files available online? Did you have any problems navigating unguided? I would be happy to hear more about this… please!!!



Jan van der HeidenOctober 13th, 2014 at 12:13 am

Hi Fred,

we didn’t ride the Original Transsardinia trail. The Original trail is from Olbia to Cagliari. we had 7 day’s of biking. Our plan was:
1: by plain to Cagliari. We stayed the first night at B&B Santa Igia about 2 km from the airport. The housekeeper Gigi was waiting for us at the airport and transported our bikeboxes to the B&B. During our ride we could leave our bikeboxes (without extra costs) at the B&B.
2: the first 2 day’s we drove to the North to Oliena. from that point we wanted to follow day 3;4;5,6 and 7 of the transsardinia Trail.
3: with our Luggage on our bikes, we soon noticed that the track couldn’t be ridden on 7 day’s with al that weight. The climbs are though and long. So each day we’d ride a part of the offroadsection of the track and then we made a shortcut to the road (still heavy climbs).
4; day 1: Cagliari to Villanova Tulo/ day 2 Villanova Tulo to Oliena / day 3 Oliena to Orgosolo / day 4 Orgosolo to Villanova Strissaili/ day 5 Villanove Strissaili to Seui/ Day 6 Seui to Perdasfoglu/ day 7 Perdasfoglu to Cagliari.

5: back in the B&B we found our bikboxes again, Gigi transported our bikes back to the airport and our wonderful week at Sardinia was over.

The villages are small and the supermarkets are closed during the afternoon. They open around 17hours. During the trip we pased many fountains ore springs where you can take water. The local’s also drink this water, it’s very good.

We had the Original tracks and shortcuts in our GPS, and had no problems navigating. you need also a map of Sardinia. We used the Original Kml files and made shortcuts and adaptions to the Original kml files using bikeroutetoaster.

BertenOctober 13th, 2014 at 12:31 am

Tx Jan

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