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This is my trip report from an overnight I did in the Bend/Bachelor area of central Oregon.  63 miles, about 8,000 feet of gain, mostly excellent singletrack.

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CharleySeptember 23rd, 2010 at 8:19 pm

There is so much potential for bikepacking over in Bend, that I have to say I’m surprised it took so long for someone to do it and post a trip report! Well done. Since you’re a Portlander, and an advanced rider, may I recommend checking out Gifford Pinchot NF? I recently discovered that almost every long trail in that National Forest is open to bikes. And there are also several long routes that are open to dirtbikes, as well, so they’re not too overgrown. There’s a thread from MTBR that I started:
Oh, and I love the VeloDirt site. I had always thought that someone ought to put up a website with all the best gravel around Portland. And you’ve chosen the same routes, more or less, that I would have. Here’s a suggestion for a 50 mile gravel grinder that probably would be best on a mountain bike: Start of Lyle and ride the whole Klickitat Rail Trail to Dalles Mountain Road. Go over the Columbia Hills, then take a right at WA 14. Take the second right (the road is called Riverview Drive in Lyle, but I’m not sure it has the same name farther east, where it meets the highway, also the road is gated, I’ve heard, but is open to the public) and then ride up over the side of the Columbia Hills back down to Lyle. The short section on WA 14 is mostly downhill, and Riverview Drive is a much preferable alternative to riding the highway all the way down to Lyle (tunnels, fast trucks, and NO shoulders for much of it). The Klickitat RIver Trail is gonna be more fun on MTB. I’ve done it on 32c tires, and had to go very slowly, because the gravel is unconsolidated and very sharp. Even then, the ride was simply uncomfortable. Big wheels are nice. Also, one can turn up gravel Fisher Hill Road, for a roughly 1700 ft climb, then ride it out to paved Klickitat-Appleton Road (look out for an unleashed barking dog at the intersection), take a right, and scream down to the town of Klickitat, where you’ll pick up the KRT again for the ride back down to the car in Lyle. Fun rides all!

SuzMSeptember 24th, 2010 at 10:11 am

Wow, that is a lot of information, thanks! I have heard rumors of the link-up potential in Gifford Pinchot, and it is definitely on my list. I have done some road and gravel touring there, but not much mtb. I am also intrigued by this Klickitat-Dalles Mt Rd ride. Sounds like it’s time to get out the WA gazeteer and do some more exploring!
Thanks, Suzanne

CharleySeptember 24th, 2010 at 4:52 pm

That Klickitat ride is a lot of fun. Not as gory as the roads on either side of the Deschutes (i.e. the Gordon Butte area or the opposite side of the canyon), but very scenic and very isolated!

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