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Mike and I are restarting the Colorado Trail tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to get back on the trail.

Legs? Still tired. Currently aching.

Enthusiasm? High. Hopefully high enough to counter the bum legs.

These last miles of the CT look to be very interesting — at least in TopoFusion. There’s some interesting stuff route-wise in our efforts to find a way to stay on the trail and avoid wilderness. TopoFusion to the rescue again — aerial photos proved invaluable, not to mention all the data manipulation functions to get the data onto our units.

TopoFusion v2.93 (beta) appears to be very stable. Haven’t got a single crash report yet. There’s a lingering problem in the UTM grids. When I return I’ll look at that and then push out the new version.

Coming soon — power calculation for runners (based on new research) and, hopefully, GPS Art.

But for now, it’s time for singletrack until we puke. If only we all could be so lucky.

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