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My Suunto Core is one of the most versatile pieces of gear I own.  This watch does so much and is completly accuate.  The device has 3 main functions date/time, altimiter/barometric pressue and a very stable compass.  Date and time function is pretty standard stuff 12/24 hour sub display of day of the week and date.  Subdisplay of seconds and another subdisplay showing sunrise/sunset for your timezone.  It has 2 or 3 other time functions which I never use much.  The most useful for me is the sunrise/set subfunction lets me know how much time I have to ride before it gets dark, can i make it to the camp spot at current pace.  Altimeter/Barometer is also a function I use frequently.  Now you can set this fuction for full auto which means it will toggle back and forth depending on altitude changes or barometer readings if the weather is changing in a hurry.   Addtionally it has a storm alarm function which has saved my tail on more then one occasion.  The watch will begin beeping if the barometric pressure begins dropping suddenly.  I ride the C/O canal trail alot and you can’t always get a good view of the sky.  Storms come up  quickly during the summer months.  The watch also displays a graph of barometric pressure or altitude change, depends on your selection.  A great function for remote weather checking.  If it’s trending down then it’s most likely going to rain.  The alto/baro function has several sub functions as well. Current temp, above sea level reference and a log function.  Want to track how much you asended or desended today well turn the log on and check it later at camp.  The final function is that of a compass.  Calabrate it and its dead accurate.  Much better then the Timex I used for years. You can set the compass to track your course within parameters to keep you on track.  It will beep if you go off course by 2 degrees.  Good stuff when you need it.  The watch actually has more functions but these are the main ones I use.  Now Suunto has not always had the best reputation.  Seems that they have suffered from quality control problems over the years.  Mine has been flawless, absolutly reliable.  I get about a year out of the battery if I don’t have a reason to use the backlight to much.  I always follow Suunto directions for changing the battery not doing this seems to be the root of many issues.  I can’t say enough about this thing it’s great and has been absolutely reliable. Its the one tool I rely on when I am out in the boonies on the bike.  This and a GPS is all you need, well a topo map helps to.  At $299 its not a cheap piece of gear but with proper care can give you years of service.  I have had mine for over 3 years now.

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