Shoes » Shimano MT90

  • Hard-core SPD hiking boot ideally suited to more rugged terrain
  • Custom-made Vibram sole made exclusively for Shimano offers excellent traction with high abrasion resistance
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex liner keeps water out, yet still allows the foot to breath to improve comfort
  • Gusseted tongue helps to prevent water, dust, gravel, and other foreign objects from getting inside the shoe
  • Added abrasion protection around the toe and heel
  • Speed-roller lacing speeds up the process of putting the shoe on or taking it off, and helps to extend the life of the laces

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Comments (3)

BillyJune 5th, 2009 at 7:02 pm

I’d rather just throw my whites smokejumpers in the pack when I need to hike.

OutsiderJune 5th, 2009 at 9:18 pm

This is my main MTB shoe for at least 8 months of the year. It might be the most versatile MTB shoe available and is perfect for bike backing in more rugged environments as well as biking in cold and wet climates. The shoes are roomy enough for an extra pair of socks to be usable during the winter, yet not too hot except for the middle of the summer. They are stiff enough for biking and still quite comfortable to walk in.

The only drawback is that it needs some sort of gaiters to prevent snow from entering the boots in the winter.

Clayton BSeptember 9th, 2018 at 11:37 am

I love these shoes. For bikepacking, I have found none better. The high tops keep most of the gravel and 🌴sticks from getting in, which I found a big relief. I get tired of emptying my shoes after every hike-a-bike. With aftermarket insoles, I found these just as comfortable as regular hiking boots. They are light, for what they are, and are holding up to my abuse. They also mate perfectly with Shimano Deore XT dual function pedals (the new large platform). The boot falls on the clip like it is magnetized. It also nestles perfectly on the flats. I can’t imagine a better bikepacking combo, and absolutely love mine. I have used these so far on three bikepacking trips and use them most of the winter as my cycling shoes.
The bikepacking trips were fairly brutal and I never thought about my feet except to be amazed at how comfortable they were. Get them large enough for thick socks, though. And if you are like me, get after market moldable insoles. I had to get a thick pair to cut down on boot volume, to get the length at the toes I wanted. Perfection. I wear a ten and a half, and the eleven was perfectly too big.

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