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My hands get cold easily in windy cold weather on the bike, especialy in the rain or wet snow. However, most waterproof gloves are not breathable enough to wear all the time, and too heavy to bring as extra’s.  The solution: an ultralight, ultra breathable pair of mitts.

Here is a good candidate from MLD:

MLD rain Mitt

MLD rain Mitt

2009 ALL EVENT CONSTRUCTION- 3 Layer on High wear palm with 2 Layer on low wear areas of lower palm and back of hand

• Medium .90oz / 25gms per pair

• Large .95oz/ 27gms per pair

MLD Rain Mitts have been along for The Ride with multiple long distance hikers in 2007 all reporting excellent performance.

* Andrew Skurka (2007 National Geographic Adventure Magazine Adventurer of the Year) on the 6,875mile Great Western Loop
* Francis Tapon on the first successful 5,800 mile CDT Yo-Yo
* Anitra “Nitro” Kass on her 2,900 mile CDT and Tipple Crown finish (AT, PCT and CDT) One of the few women to tripple crown primarily solo.
* Erin and Brentwood Higman on thier 4,000+ mile Journey on the Wild Coast. At one point in an early season Alaskan blizzard, they were forced to stuff grass into the mitts as insulation!

Here’s the review on BPL:


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Dave BSeptember 28th, 2009 at 10:47 am

If its snowing, then I prefer ski gloves, but if its raining, these are just the thing. Super lightweight and compact. Long enough in the wrist that you can cinch them over whatever you’re wearing on your arms. Once you seam seal (I used SeamGrip) them, the fabric performs nicely. One useful thing that hiking-oriented reviews might not say is that they are nice and grippy on a bike. The downside of their light weight is that its easy to imagine wearing through the palm material after lots of days of use, but that shouldn’t be a big surprise. They really keep your fingers comfy and dextrous when the weather is wet/cold, and because they’re light, won’t take a long time to dry.

ChrisOctober 1st, 2009 at 10:44 am

I have a pair of the first run from way back, yellow and slightly different than shown. I haven’t worn through the fabric but the inner coating does wear out. Still for lightweight wind and rain protection I think they’re great. If I didn’t bring these, I’d probably have nothing at all.

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