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Size – 1600 cu in
Weight – 22 oz
Bladder – 110oz (not included)

1. Constructed of DimensionPolyant Sail Cloth, a lightweight, abrasion resistant, waterproof fabric normally used for technical sailing applications.

2. Compression Lacing System accepts helmets, jackets, and any other equipment you need to stash quickly. Keeps load from shifting, whether pack is filled to capaciy or not.

3. Sidewings wrap around body for secure fit without shifting, or riding up. Wings each feature a zippered pocket and a large mesh drop pocket. Both are accessable while wearing the Adventure. (Patent pending)

4. The Adventure, like all our hydration packs, features the Lowrider System: a fully customizable harness system designed for cyclists. Fits any body type, and can be worn in any configuration, high or low. (smaller size straps available)

5. We mount our hose ports low on the pack so that the hose is routed beneath your arm. This points the nozzle directly at your mouth, eliminating the need for a bulky, 90 degree valve.

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Comments (5)

slimNovember 7th, 2008 at 10:18 am

It fits nice and keeps the weight low and centered. Versatile setup: enough pockets and lash point for almost anyone but not too many or too specific. Available with short or long shoulder straps. A great pack, the main compartment is not very big but the side pockets and rear mesh pouch add a lot of volume. I love that my camera fits in the little shoulder strap mesh pocket, finally a camera that is allways at the ready.

ShaunJuly 27th, 2009 at 7:56 am

I’ve been using one for a couple months now. The best test was a 6 day trip. In general, I really like it. It fits my extra long torso well and doesn’t move around at all while I’m riding. I was a bit concerned about the description saying it can only fit a 3 liter bladder, but I’ve found it can easily hold a full MSR Dromlite 4 liter bladder. It couldn’t take any fatter of a bladder at all, but it could handle one 5-6 inches longer. I don’t know who makes one of those dimensions though. I don’t like that I have to take the bladder and hose out to fill it though. I love the hip pockets. They’re huge! They’re somewhat ridged, as ridged as fabric can be I guess, so things dont’ get smashed and they’re easy to get into while riding. I haven’t measured them, but they seem to be easily 1.5 liters in volume each. And that’s just the zippered pockets, the mesh ones add enough volume for a sandwich bag stuffed with food as well. I like that the top of the main compartments fabric is kind of ridged too. On the road I could stick a medium sized bag of chips in there and they wouldn’t get smashed, or I could draw down the bungy and tighten it all up. I’ve also used if for a little backpacking trip. My Western Mountaineering Summerlite bag in it’s stuff sack fits horizontally across the bottom perfectly. I wish the inside had at least a couple little pockets for things I like to leave in one place like ID, little 1st aid kit, etc. But it did come with this little detachable pouch that I’m thinking about sewing into the main compartment which will be just the right size…should work well.

One of the best things that I suppose can be accredited some to the bag is that I could carry it all day for 6 days with upto 4 liters of water, rain pants and jacket, sleeping pad, about 2 days worth of snacks, camera, light, and some other small stuff and had no sore back!

SlimJuly 30th, 2009 at 12:16 pm

Yes, I forgot about having the same gripe about the lack of a pocket for wallet and other important stuff tat you want to keep stashed secure for when you return to civilization.

WillyKAugust 24th, 2009 at 9:38 pm

I’ve had this pack for a year now and I really like it. It is very comfortable, even when loaded beyond my preferred max. of about 18 lbs. I’ve had it up well over 20 (24ish?) when stocked with extra water and it rides better than anything I’ve owned (including the Osprey Talon 22). The lowrider design is great for technical biking, the pack stays low and centered on my body no matter what the terrain. It’s the only pack of substantial volume that I’ve ever had that I did not have to occasionally push with my elbow to keep it from coming around the side of me on steep, twisting descents, and it does not stick up high when ducking under downed trees. I feel that the main compartment is quite spacious, yet the bungee system allows you to compress the pack down to match whatever amount of stuff you have inside, so with a small load it feels like a small pack. The wing pockets are big also, sometimes too big as they can stick out past the width of my hips, and a couple of times I have brushed them against trees even though my handlebars and hips missed the tree, so I try not to over-fill the wing pockets now. The added space of the net areas is nice to have, but once they are filled the pack is larger than I prefer to carry, so I just use that space for temporary items, like food I’ll be eating that day. An alternative to this big pack, but with all the same great features would be the Enduro or the Hyper-3.0 models.

My only complaint is that the sailcloth is not as waterproof as I’d hoped. I few hours in a hard rainstorm or being buried in a snow/rain mix left the contents wet. I guess I will be making a rain cover for it.

The quality of construction is top notch, and it’s made in the U.S. I like the company too, as Scott Gibson is a real forward thinker and has some other really cool projects going on. Check out the website to see what I mean.

Jeff KatzOctober 26th, 2012 at 11:39 am

I have the smaller version of this pack and I think, all in all, it’s great! Sits low, stable, comfortable (as comfortable as a pack can be while cycling…) and fairly rugged. Though, I do agree that the pack is water resistant- at best. The packs simple design allowy you to use whatever bladder you like, which I think is a great touch, beacuse once you figure out what you like, you tend to stick with it. The negative points are (for me) that it’s very difficult to access the side pockets while riding and that the left shoulder strap pocket could be a bit bigger. I have set mine up with a dagger on the right shoulder strap (there are occasionally unfriendly dogs in the WAY out places I tend to ride), GU type stuff in a small squeeze bottle in the left shoulder strap pocket, food stuff in the right hip and tools in the left. Main body holds pump, spare tube, sammich’ and a jacket/layer. I’ve had it for dang near 3 years now and it’s still holding up, and I tend to be rough on gear: Prolly worth the investment.

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