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Nuclear Sunrise Stitchworks offers a variety of stock items and performs custom work with a turnaround of a couple of weeks or less.  Hand crafted in El Paso, Texas using a variety of materials including Dimension Polyant XPAC in a variety of colors.

  • Stock products include the Fat Man and Little Boy seat bags, Titan and Trinity tanks, Silo feedbag, Stealth and Superfortress harness.
  • Custom frame bags with quick turnaround
  • Variety of color choices

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Comments (5)

GregOctober 1st, 2013 at 6:34 am

I have been using a Nuclear Sunrise frame pack and seat bag for almost a year now commuting 20+ miles a day 5 days a week year round. They have been through snow storms, pouring rain, hail, you name it I have ridden though it and my gear stayed bone dry! I can fit everything I need for a day at work in my large seat bag. Pants shirt lunch etc. I far prefer this system to a rack and pannier setup like I used before. I access my bags several times during a day and the stitching and hardware are still good as new. I have used other brands of bike packing bags and the Nuclear Sunrise gear is hands down the best I have used. I get a lot of complements on them as well because they look great. I have the multi cam pattern. Thanks!

TroyOctober 1st, 2013 at 8:01 am

I’ve been sporting a custom frame pack from BIg Dave for 1.5 years. He does great fast work that lasts. He pays attention to details and knows his customers well.

JohnOctober 2nd, 2013 at 3:36 pm

I took the Fat Man & Silo out this past weekend on a bikepacking ride to the Grand Canyon. They both performed to expectations. As mentioned above, high quality of craftsmanship in the stitching. I was able to stuff a ton of clothes, stove, water filter, etc in the seat bag without issue. I had an operator error using the Silo, as my squeezed bottle of honey lost its lid only 5 miles into the weekend!! Honey was all over the inside of the bag, but when I returned home I simply rinsed it out and let it air dry.

I especially liked the velcro mesh compartment on top of the seatbag for a SPOT device. Last time out I dropped it on the trail, no worries this go-round.

Keep up the awesome work Dave!

BarryOctober 16th, 2013 at 2:33 pm

Dave whipped up a custom frame bag for my Ti hardtail, with two weeks to spare before the 2013 Coconino 250. I opted for a two-compartment [large top, smaller bottom] bag with a map pocket on the left. I also asked for a cutout at the seat tube top tube intersection, to provide a grab thru point along the top tube. The bag’s Velcro attachment straps were placed to accommodate existing tank and jerry can bags I also run. So nice that there were color options too, other than black [I opted for grey]. Being able to carry gear low and in the center of the bike frame, made for much better bike handling than a bike with heavy seat and bar bags. With the relatively large capacity of this frame bag, think that I can now ride with one less [bar or seat] bag. Very pleased.

ErikFebruary 14th, 2015 at 2:29 pm

Dave is a great guy who strives to exceed the expectations of his customers. He made the most phenomenal frame bag for me, and his seat bag reflects that his bags harbor everything you might need, but haven’t thought of for attaching, or storing items. I respect the guy as a human, and also for his ability to make great equipment.

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