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The Lezyne Shock Drive is a lightweight, compact shock pump made of custom CNC machined aluminum perfect for quick trailside pressure adjustments. The high pressure hose threads onto shock valves for a secure connection. A water resistant gauge is integrated into the hose for a slim pump profile. The bleeder valve button allows for fine tuning of shock pressures.

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COLORS: Metallic Silver
MAX: 300psi | 20.6bar
SIZE: 205mm

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ScottMNovember 3rd, 2014 at 10:18 am

With my love of demanding singletrack bikepacking, I can’t see riding without a full suspension, which pretty much necessitates carrying a shock pump of some kind.

I got tired of carrying a full size shock pump, so I figured I would try something smaller/lighter.

I think this little pump is the ticket for me. It’s light and small enough to carry even on short day rides — you won’t notice it.

Does it preform as well as a regular pump? Nope. You can get air back into a shock but it’s hard to tell what exactly you are getting. There’s a gage, but it will only slide or change in small increments. So, it’s more in the +/- 30 PSI range. Not good for fine tuning of pressure, but if you’re having an inflation issue, this will get you back up to pressure, and if you experiment long enough, you can get it where you want it.

Only other downside is that the numbers on the gage started to wear off pretty quickly on mine as it bounced around in my Revelate Pocket.

Other than that, I give it 4 stars, and it’ll likely come along for every bikepack from now on.

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