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Cane Creek’s original Ergo Control took the bar end to an unprecedented level of performance. Its ergonomic profile, extending both fore and aft of the handlebar, gave riders more comfort and control than was previously possible. The design fit the rider’s hands naturally and aligned his/her weight over the center of the steering. Now Cane Creek offers the Ergo Control II—with even more technology that makes sense.

The optimized shape offers more hand positions for improved comfort and reduced weight. The new aluminum spine clamp is engineered to be stronger and lighter.

The composite skeleton provides better, more uniform support with fewer grams. The outer rubber surface with raised Cane Creek skinks and logos is softer and tackier to improve your grip. And by integrating ODI®’s patented Lock-On System technology, Cane Creek has introduced the first bar ends that mate with Lock-On handlebar grips—including the Cane Creek locking grips.

Of course, the Ergo II’s are also compatible with traditional handlebar grips.

materials – aluminum spine clamp, composite support skeleton, and exclusive rubber grip surface

compatibility compatible with odi® lock-on system grips and traditional grips.

weight 175g per pair

msrp $55.00

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marin8meMarch 2nd, 2015 at 2:57 am

I’m still using my original pair of these after many years. The wonderfully grippy & tacky rubber skin is gradually wearing down – the skinks have gone and the underlying plastic is showing through but they are as comfortable as ever. They are quite heavy but reassuringly solid and indestructable. They don’t project forward as much as conventional bar-ends but I find this a good thing – they’re less likely to snag on passing branches. There are a few tears and cuts in the rubber from multiple spills over the years but there is no sign of the rubber peeling away from the plastic. When the rubber gets too thin (in a few more years) I plan to wrap them with some self-adhering silicon tape or recycled inner tubes and I expect they will live on. 5 stars for a very durable product!
The main hand position – in line with the handlebar – is spot on and perfect for pedal stomping on steep inclines. I even find myself leaning forward with the “heels” of my palms on the very front ends for an alternative posture… No matter how sweaty my (gloved) hands get the grip remains extremely secure.

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