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The GPSMAP 60CSx adds several performance-enhancing features to the popular 60-series products, including a removable microSD™ card, high-sensitivity GPS receiver, barometric altimeter and electronic compass.

Pinpoint Your Location — and Direction

With the GPSMAP 60CSx, you can find your way in almost any conditions:

* High-sensitivity GPS receiver gives you improved satellite reception even in heavy tree cover or deep canyons
* Barometric altimeter provides extremely accurate elevation data
* Electronic compass can determine your heading and direction, even when you’re standing still
* IPX7 waterproof case can withstand an accidental dunk in the water and still perform
* Large, color TFT display makes viewing the screen easy, day or night
* Built-in Americas autoroute basemap, including highways, exits and tide data, gives you automatic, turn-by-turn directions

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ScottMOctober 28th, 2008 at 12:59 pm

The GPSMap 60 series is a tried and true line of GPS receivers. Quite a few people ask me for GPS recommendations, and the 60 series is often what I recommend.

I used a GPSMap 60CS for 2500 miles on the Great Divide, two 700+ mile trips on the AZT, the Grand Loop, the Colorado Trail, etc. Finally, after all that, the handlebar mount did break, but was easily fixed with a zip tie. Some prefer to use a zip tie or other strap to keep the GPS on the bars should it pop off its cradle. But I never had much of an issue with it.

The CSx is the latest and best version of this GPS. It adds a “high sensitivity” Sirf chipset to the CS. I rarely had any signal issues, but, hey, better is better.

The screen is large and easy to read on the handlebars. This is the main advantage the 60 series has over the eTrex line, the downsides being larger unit, slightly more weight and a bit more costly.

The software is also easy to learn and pick up, even for GPS noobs.

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