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I first took Homemec in 7th grade and it was there that I learned to sew.  I remember I made the race car pillow.  It was red and blue.  Fast forward 21 years to 2006 and you find me buying my first sewing machine.  Since then I have made stuff sacks, bug pants and gloves, a bug tent, tote bags, a tarp, small storage sacks and now my first few Gas Tanks for bike packing!

I hope to perfect the Gas Tank then move on to a rear one, then to a bar sleeve, and finally to a frame bag.  If I can manage that I will attempt a seat bag.   The first two bags below are made from Cordura and Hydrolite.  The two camo bags are made from 2 layer Goretex.  I work in the outdoor industry and have access to the extra materials so I use what I have.  We’ll see if they how up to the X-pack material most people use.

Gas Tank v1.0

As you can see I made the corners on this one way to sharp.  Sewing was a real pain.

Gas Tank V2.0

As you can see I rounded my corners and added a bit of flare to this one.

Gas Tank v3.0

This was made special by request for my good friend Jill.  Not just anyone gets a My Little Pony gas tank.

Gas Tank V4.0

As you can see my last two bags are in production.  I have tweaked the shape a bit more and added double foam to these ones.  In the picture above you might notice I’m missing one piece, the Velcro for the top tube straps. I have even added a key clip to the design.

For more on Fat Bikes, my adventures, and general cycling you can checkout my site.   Helpful suggestions are welcome.

aka Scatman

Get out there!

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TommiJanuary 14th, 2013 at 7:32 pm

Thos look awesome, especially the digital camo one; where do we get one of those?

BobJuly 28th, 2014 at 12:01 pm

THis site looks old. Are you still in business? If so, what’s your lead time? I leave for Colorado in two weeks.

DaveFebruary 13th, 2015 at 1:51 am

Made a frame bag for a road bike years ago from kite material. Sewed two halves together leaving the top open. Sewed a double ended separable zip across the top to zip over the frame and give access. Stretched it out by tying to the frame at the seat tube, headstock and bottom bracket.

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