Personal setups » Weekend Trip from Durango to Silverton and Back


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Niner S.I.R. 9

DT Swiss Wheels

Truvative Stylo 1.1 Crank

32-20 Gearing (16 tooth DingleCog)

Thompson Seat Post (USAC special edition)

WTB Pure V Saddle

Enve SWP Bars (cut to 705mm)

Thompson Stem

Ergon Grips

Shimano XT brakes

Crankbrothers pedals

Niner Carbon Fork

Conti X-King Front Tire

Conti Race King Rear Tire


Clothing on
Cycling Cap
Dark Lens Glasses
Baggie Pants
Compression Underwear
Loose Jersey
Cycling Shoes
Ipod Shuffle


Packed Clothing
Spare Cycling Cap
Light Lens Glasses
Spare Jersey
Arm Warmers
Light Base layer
Medium base Layer
Down Jacket
Rain Coat
Rain pants
Wool socks
Synthetic Socks
Warm Pants
Spare Gloves


Propane Stove and Fuel Canister
Ti Cooking Set


Beef Jerkey
Chef Boyardee Ravioli
Gummy Bears
Microwave Rice
Dried Apricots
Flask of Whiskey


Ratchet 4 and 5 bits
Chain Breaker
Tire levers
3 Spare Tubes
Lezyne Micro Floor Pump
10 speed Chain
Quick Link
Zip Ties
Athletic Tape
Electric Tape


40 Degree Bag
Tarp and Ground Mat
Mini Flashlight/Lamp Combo
No sleeping pad


1700 lumen Light-N-Motion Lamp
2 Spare Light Batteries
Phone (On Airplane Mode)
Garmin 500


Topo Map
Wallet with ID Some Cash and a Debit Card
First-aid Kit
Bear Spray
School Homework
Spare Buckles For shoes
Toilet Paper
Naproxen Sodium
Insect Repelant



Comments (2)

KevinOctober 28th, 2014 at 4:31 pm

You need to work on getting lighter. Lighter = more funner.

sil nylon tarp with tyvek ground sheet will save mucho space and weight with out much cost. You could also go tyvek tarp.

Bringing chain and 3 tubes is way over kill. I got a packet of 6 quick links from Amazon super cheap, if you need to replace more than 6 links, you are doing something seriously wrong. Bring a patch kit and one tube. The likelihood of using more than one tube on an overnight is very low especially if you start with Stan’s in your tires, and a patch kit will cover you if the shit goes down. Also add a tire boot kit (1oz).

Modern multitools have a chain tool, which should save you weight over the two seperate tools.

SamOctober 28th, 2014 at 5:40 pm

Weight is very easy to cut down. Specially if I panned on stopping to restock food each day. I wasn’t to worried about weight considering the bike I would normally bike pack on is around 32 lbs versus this being 23 and it was 3 nights and 4 days of riding with no refuels just to see if I could make it that long without stopping. Just doing an overnight is a very different story and I would carry much less considering I would sleep 2-3 hours for the whole trip. I also have a tendency to explode chains on a singlespeed so just quick links don’t really cut it. 3 tubes is necessary for me considering my background as a rider and racer (going through 3 tubes in a day as a pro racer) even when over pumped so that I shouldn’t get snake bites I still have a problem with them so a patch kit will rarely fix the holes I put in tubes. A lot of modern multi tools do have chain tools and they suck, specially after being out for a few days and your hands are tired causing the slim to no leverage given on the chain tool to be an even larger pain/issue.

As far as getting a tarp and ground sheet goes, I am a college student who can barely afford to eat (without spending any extra money on any kind of activities a normal college student would) let alone buying tarp and ground sheet. It is on the list but is not the most important thing at this time.

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