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Strapped to a rear rack (Sherpa) is a waterproof OR compression sack containing:
Marmot Pounder 40deg synthetic bag.
Thermarest Prolite3 pad.
Knickers w/ boxers for camp time.
Cook kit: .8L Ti kettle
MSR PocketRocket Stove
small JetBoil fuel canister.
Lexan spork
1/2c measuring/drinking cup.
mini Salt & Pepper shaker

spare spokes taped to rack.

small ‘Bento box” style frame bag behind the stem for ride food.

saddle bag w/ tube and CO2’s w/ shooter.

Mtn Hardwear bivy sack strapped to the bars.

In the Camelback HAWG:
shock pump
chain tool
extra links of chain
couple chainring bolts, spare half link, spare qwik link
spare set of brake pads.
pack of misc nuts & bolts.
SOG leatherman-ish tool.
chain lube.
zip ties.
spare strap or two
duct tape around tooth brush handle
bandanna (w/ glow in the dark constellations!)
Water purification elixer.
small bottle of soap.
small container of chamois butt’r
limited first aid kit.
toothbrush & paste.
eye/contact drops
fire starter sticks.
pak towel
Princeton Tec EOS head lamp
100oz bladder.
food, at least something for a dinner & breakfast, plus extra ‘ride’ food.

Loaded bike, w/out water bottles is ~35lb.
Camelback Hawg w/ 100oz of H2O is ~14lb.

Clothing is pretty much seasonal, right now in the fall, I’ll be stashing a down jacket and heavy base layer bottoms into the compression sack along with a wool cap & socks in the backpack for the nighttime. Figure I’ll normally be carrying a mid wt top and rain jacket w/ either shorts or knickers for off bike time. Don’t plan on riding tours into the real cold weather, got skis for that.

Would like to refine the packing a bit, and move the bike repair bits down into a frame bag of sorts. Get that weight off my back and open up more room for food. Also plan to get in touch with CDW about some frame bags, but wanna log some more rides to figure out what I’ll actually need vs want….

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ScottMSeptember 23rd, 2008 at 10:14 pm

Nice setup! Pretty darn light for a first trip. Many thanks for the comprehensive gear list.

Looks like you got most of the weight on the bike, leaving the pack pretty light. It’ll be interesting to see how your setup evolves. Feel free to update this page as things go along, either by editing the post or adding comments below.

GustavJune 17th, 2011 at 7:00 am

Thats looks like a pretty nice bike, what bike is it?

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