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Here was my bike for a few months trip in south america. It’s not designed for rough terrain MTB but works on trails and have some stuffs that could be interesting. Being in dry places were you need LOT of water:


2 panniers + one backpack rear. On the diagonal tube: one 1L bottle above, one 1L gasoline bottle below (for stove). Bottle supports are fixed with plumber tubes support. These  worked greatbut one day one of the support broke, need to have spare.


Each side of the fork had a support for 1.5L bottle, attached by plumbery tubes support.

This worked OK only if the bottles were supported with pieces of tubes (two at least per bottle, more than shown on the picture). On rough trails and full bottle it can fall.


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Bob CarterMay 28th, 2015 at 7:51 am

hi Nic, your bike looks like the very early GT Tachyon (?). I have one also and I have been enjoying gravel grinding in the numerous fire trails in Australia. I have the original front forks which have a bolt location for a front load carrier. I put water bottle mounts screwed into these, and with two zip ties I have no problems with 700mil drink bottles.
I do find that I can even do technical single track (but not very fast) with the larger diameter MTB tires quite capably.
cheers mate

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