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I have always been a set-up troll, just always checking everyone’s system out, so thought it was time to share.

Bike: Salsa Dos Niner, medium, Reba U-turn, almost always at 90mm, but I love the maxle. XT Cranks, front hub, cassette, chain. XTR der’s & rear hub. Stan’s Flow rims, WTB seat, WTB WW LT front tire, Geax Saguaro UST rear tire, both set up tubeless. Flat pedals, Thomson stem and seatpost, Salsa 17* bar, Serfas silcone grips, Cane Creek bar ends.

Bags: All home made, custom stuff. Homemade Backpack, weighs less than a pound!  Seatbag, Micro Frame bag, two stem/handlebar bags, one stem/top tube bag.

Gear: Sleeping System;  Homemade bivy, silnylon floor, Pertex momentum top. Custom modified sleeping “bag”, bottom is a bivy sheet, top is a sleeping bag liner sewn together to be double layer. Micro thin pad, for insulation only. All together close to a pound. Options are  a silnylon tarp w/ ti stakes and line, leave home if looking dry. (PS I don’t really sleep)

Extra Clothes: Knee warmers, Icebreaker wool long sleeve, light weight fleece shirt, wind shirt, warm gloves, glove liners, Sealskin socks, headband, Patagonia Traverse Pants, O2 shell. Last years race taught me to be prepared!!! But if it’s looking nice might leave pants and socks out.

Clothes Worn: Shorts, Pearl or Sugoi, Icebreaker wool T-shirt, wool socks, Montrail Mtn Masochist shoes, helmet.

Hydration: 6 liter MSR dromedary, 2 Zefal Magnum 32 oz, one 28 oz bottle, I like water! The bladder will be full only a few times and it isn’t that heavy, the bottles are nice cause I plan on using more liquid fuel/food.

Bike Kit: Pump, 2 cross tubes w/stans goo, tire levers, modified chain tool, allen keys(4 & 5mm), spoke wrench, Lube an Rag.  Extra bits; chainring bolts, chain links and pins/master links, nipples/spokes, seatpost bolt, h2o cage bolt, brake pads, think that’s it.

Hygene Kit: Toothbrush, bit of paste, Handi Wipes!!! Alcohol swabs, chamois creme, tylenol, few other salves.

Emergency Kit: Lighter/matches, compass, ace bandage, few sponges, duct tape, benedryl, zip ties, Chlorine Dioxide tabs for water treatment, superglue, xtra batteries, hmmmm?

Lights: I want lots of flexibilty, ie low and bright. Fenix ld20, pd30 on bars, ld10 on helmet, w/batteries&mounts, less than, 300grams

Spot, old one. GPS, 60 CSX, big old tank.

What else?

Swiss Army locking blade knife, heavy, but just a great piece. It like has a cork screw?!

Food: Rice Cereal w/protien& dried fruit crushed into ziplocks, Sharkies, Bloks, Clif Shot electrolyte mix one or two bottles, protien in other bottle(s). Salmon in foil pack.

Over view: I carried too much food from the start last year, so trying to go lighter there. Also all my bike bags blew up last year, so did some refining there as well. Better sleep system this year, better lights, overall much lighter set up, but I feel like it is solid and can handle some amount of the nasty. The great thing about the AZT 300 is there is a fair amount of convenient resupply on course, I generally carry my water from town to town, without treating it. I have been really trying to imagine going lighter, but I am too paranoid to ditch mush else. Still it kills me to see some folks with next to nothing on their bikes, How They Do That?  Hope this helps someone get their kit rolling, bikepacking is the $H*T.

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MarshalApril 30th, 2010 at 7:55 pm

Thanks for sharing, obviously there is a lot of thought into it!

KenJune 30th, 2010 at 9:29 pm

A “Set-Up Troll.” That’s funny. Now I know the psych diagnosis for my condition.
Great set up. Enjoy,
Ken :^) (Oops Lance say’s real men over 30 can’t use text emoticons… is that true?)

ShawnJuly 16th, 2012 at 6:39 am

Nice setup! I’m curious what your opinion is about the ride and the durability of the Dos Niner. I’ve been wanting to build one up for bikepacking, but am a bit worried about the lifespan of the frame. Also, how did you mount the extra water bottle to underside of frame?

jefe branhamJuly 17th, 2012 at 6:20 pm

Yo Shawn, the bike works well, touch flexy in the back end. It has a smallish front triangle due to the rear shox/mount/upper triangle thing, so smaller frame bag options. I still have the frame, but haven’t ridden it too much after that as I tend to drift towards singlespeeds! So I can’t say much about longevity. I attached the water bottle cage using big ass zip ties, works great just make sure it clears the fork. Word, Jefe

RobotfuryJune 5th, 2013 at 12:57 pm

I wonder if you would be willing to share your SS set up.

Jefe BranhamJune 5th, 2013 at 1:05 pm

ROBOTFURY, my SS set up varied from race to race….into gears now. I was rigid for the Tour Divide, 33×19, for the CTR it was with suspension fork 33×21 or 33×22….everything else varies as well….if you have specific questions feel free to PM me! Happy to share….

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