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I bought a Salsa Fargo last fall with the intentions of going full into bikepacking for it combines some of my favorite activities.

I have spent the better part of 6 months acquiring gear and upgrading the Fargo. My first trip was on the Great Divide trail from Breckenridge to Hartsel, CO in August. I made a lot of rookie mistakes and ended up riding over two passes and 91 miles in two days! Needless to say, I learned a lot. My gear choice worked, but I needed to read the map better and bring Gatorade to help stay hydrated.

The second trip was on section 3 of the Colorado Trail in September and was a sublime experience. It was smooth, rolling single track and the Fargo performed flawlessly. It was a moonless night and very few people were camping so it was quiet as well.


  1. Headlight
  2. Quilt- Golite 3 season down quilt
  3. Down jacket
  4. Hammock-Hennessy
  5. Water filter
  6. Rain jacket and pants
  7. Bike tools, pump, inner tube
  8. Wool long sleeve shirt
  9. Wool arms and legs sleeves
  10. Thermarest (Replaced with Oware foam pad for hammock tent)
  11. Toothbrush, paste
  12. Map
  13. Sunscreen
  14. Pillow (inflatable Big Agnes)
  15. Water bottle-1
  16. Hydration pack 100 liters with Gatorade powder
  17. Hat
  18. Croc sandles
  19. PMP player-headphones
  20. Camera
  21. Knife
  22. Ibuprofen
  23. Wallet, cash
  24. Food: Rice, beans, veggies, cliff bars, suckers, trail mix, etc
  25. T.P. and wipes
  26. Bandana
  27. Revelate Designs seat, handlebar packs with Tangle and Gas tank packs

Weight with gear: 47 lbs (food not included)

Salsa Fargo upgrades:

1. Hope Bottom Bracket

2. Ti Cycles Seatpost

3. DT Swiss 350 hubs

4.  Serfas Krests tires (puncture resistance)

I am planning on doing the Great Divide next Summer in July as a tour with two friends. I will be adding a front pannier to carry more clothes and food. Thanks to this site for all the gear choices and reviews.


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Andy AmickOctober 9th, 2012 at 5:54 am

Nice setup and the trails you’ve ridden are in some great areas. Always thought the Fargo is an ideal bikepacking bike.

Are you going to use the hammock on the Divide? Any issues with areas that don’t have enough trees?

Peter BorowskiOctober 10th, 2012 at 12:55 pm

I’ve put together pretty much the exact same setup. Seems you have excellent taste. Notice that up-graded the BB. Did you have any trouble with the stock BB on the Fargo?

Bryan KolasinskiOctober 13th, 2012 at 6:41 am

@Andy- I am planning on using the hammock on the Great Divide, I might have to spend some extra time looking for trees though.
@Peter- Thanks and you have great taste too! I didn’t have any problems with the BB but got a great deal on the Hope BB and knew it is more reliable than the FSA one. It seems the standard GXP bottom brackets are rubbish according to MBR.

Peter BorowskiOctober 16th, 2012 at 10:30 am

THanks for the feedback, Bryan. I’ve had a Hennessy Hammock for a long time. Used it almost exclusively on a thru-hike of the AT. I replaced the stock straps with 2 small Omega Pacific wire-gate carabiners and some leghts of climbing webbing. This set up givea a little extra versatility. I’ve tied up to – trees, sign posts, fence posts, auto roof racks, a dumpster, telephone poles.

slimOctober 25th, 2012 at 1:14 pm

Thanks for posting.
What conditions did you use this in?
Could you add clothing/items worn?
Could you group like with like? Ie sleep gear, clothes, cooking gear. That way it makes it easier to understand what you are using for a certain purpose.
What are the arm warmers for if you have a longsleeve shirt?
Typo on the water bladder size I assume? (100l ;-))

Bryan KolasinskiOctober 27th, 2012 at 4:10 pm

Hi Slim,
Not sure I understand all your questions, but I was riding in the summer in the mountains in high altitude. I wore mostly wool, and cycling shorts. I had rain gear and a down jacket both of which I used in the Great Divide Trail. Hope this helps, Bryan

SlimOctober 28th, 2012 at 8:15 am

Bryan, sorry I will clarify:

What conditions did you use this in? If someone says they were warm enough it makes a big difference if it was a summer trip in the midwest or winter in Alaska.
So what high and low temps, wind and precip was this list designed/used for?

Could you add clothing/items worn? The clothes on on your body matter just as much as the ones in your pack for comfort and weight, so add those to the list.

Could you group like with like? Ie sleep gear, clothes, cooking gear. That way it makes it easier to understand what you are using for a certain purpose. Right now they seem to be in a random order.

What are the arm warmers for if you have a long-sleeve shirt?

Typo on the water bladder size I assume? (100 liters is a bit much 😉 )

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