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The bike is a Scott Scale Comp 29er Hardtail, XL.  I have a sleeping bag under the handlebars, bivy sack and rain jacket and pants on top.  Frame bag has tools, food, and city clothes, under seat is down jacket and neo-air mattress  strapped to the back of that.  Gallon of water in the backpack with a pair of city shoes.  Made these from ‘duck cloth’ and velcro for about $25 total. Not waterproof but trash bags inside work well for that.  Is this too much weight up front?  Running down the fire-roads and pavement it works fine, but I haven’t used it on single-track yet.  Bike weight 30 lbs, gear weight 30 lbs.

IMG_4383 IMG_4377IMG_4379  IMG_4381

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PierreApril 12th, 2014 at 5:18 am

Nice setup! Great to see setups that don’t have all Revelate Designs gear! Even better to see DIY setups. I reckon the weight on the bars will affect handling differently between bikes. I’ve hammered down singletrack decents with around 1.3kg on my bars and handling was fine. I have a 60mm stem. Also depends on how twisty the track is. Nice shoes too, looks like their vibram soles will be good for hike a bike sections. Silnylon stuff sacks could fit into your bags and can go a long way to keeping your down jacket and bag dry (and warm).

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