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DIY frame bag & handlebar bag THULE rear rack

DIY frame bag & handlebar bag
THULE rear rack with drybag


Counting grams

Counting grams


DIY handlebar bag with EMS bivy bag and Decathlon 3/4 sleeping mattress inside.

DIY handlebar bag with EMS bivy bag and Decathlon 3/4 sleeping mattress inside.


All the gear spread out

All the gear spread out

I discovered this site a while ago, and I’ve been coming back to it daily.

When I was a student (early 90’s), I made quite a lot of  “biketouring” trips.

But all things evolve and biketouring became bikepacking (sounds cooler to me).

So a couple of months ago, I decided to start making my own gear

(see forum:,5960.0.html,5975.0.html,5993.0.html)

and to go on a 1 week BP tour with a friend.

Where? When you live in Belgium, you have a lot of options to go all over Europe.

So we picked Romania.


Well, my buddy Dave (who’s an American btw), his great grandfather comes from Romania and he always wanted to visit the village where his family came from.

But, enough pre-history, let’s take a look at the set-up (see photos).

Here’s my list:

BikePacking packlist Romania

Listing it up

Listing it up

Please feel free to comment and/or add your remarks.

I’m always eager to learn from other bikepackers.





Comments (3)

LoganSeptember 24th, 2013 at 9:07 am

Nice detailed setup! Looks like you had some fun planning as well. Have fun!

mtbikerfromberendrechtOctober 2nd, 2013 at 4:51 am

Thank you for your comment Logan.

I guess I can call myself a real bikepacker now, after 1 week of bikepacking in Romania 🙂

Now the detailed process of evaluating my gear can start…
What to take extra, what to leave out, what to alter and how to make it lighter and less bulkier…
Preparing both before and after the trip is also fun to me.
Next bp trip I’m thinking of is to do a North-South of Belgium. From the most northern point of Belgium to the most southern point… in winter.
Can be done with only 1 overnight, should take about 36 hours.
Bikepacking? I’m hooked 🙂

Jon MuellnerNovember 29th, 2013 at 6:09 pm

Was just in Romania this summer and all I could think of was how many great bikepacking routes there would be – how fantastic you did it! What was your route?

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