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  Topic Name: Fabrics... on: July 12, 2019, 07:45:35 AM

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With the exception of some Rogue Panda bags that I absolutely love, I make all of my own bags. i.e. Frame, handlebar, feedbags, etc...
I'm getting ready to remake a roll bag that fits my Jones H-Bar. The way that I make them, the straps wrap around the bars in a few spot which holds the handlebar bag snug to the H-bar. There is no shake or wobble at all. In the past, I've used 1.9 ounce ripstop fabric which works well for the dry bag part of the system, but I am looking to go a little heavier this time. It got me looking at X-Pac, Dyneema and regular heavy nylon. I've even seen some polyester ripstop but I do not know how waterproof that it would be.
Any fabrics that you might recommend?
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